Brandi Edwards For Share My Wife!

by Sharing My Wife

Brandi Edwards
Brandi Edwards boobs are busting out of her bra!

Brandi Edwards Lingerie
Brandi Edwards in her sexy black lingerie!

Brandi Edwards Legs
Brandi Edwards sexy MILF legs looking great in her black stockings!

Brandi Edwards Midriff
Brandi Edwards keeps her midriff looking so damn fine!

Brandi Edwards Ass
Brandi Edwards showing us her ass in a black thong!

Brandi Edwards All Fours
Brandi Edwards gets her sexy ass down on all fours for us today!

Brandi Edwards Panties
Brandi Edwards panties just hugging her pussy just right!

Brandi Edwards Tits
Brandi Edwards lets us see her tits with a smile!

Brandi Edwards Pussy
Brandi Edwards lets us now check out her pussy from behind!

Brandi Edwards Nude
Brandi Edwards goes all nude for us and spread!

Brandi Edwards showing off her sexy in shape body in her new black lingerie, just one of the hottest MILF’s in the business today!

3 thoughts on “Brandi Edwards For Share My Wife!”

  1. Colum Gordon says:

    You look incredibly classy in this set of pic’s, Brandi, my wife who is not normally aroused by women, got horny looking at them. So we are watching some of your clips on porn sites! Erin is dildoing herself and orgasmed when I suggested that you could sit on her face while I fucked her!

    My wife’s other fantasy, involving being gangbanged by black studs, I managed to have put into reality a few years ago. Funnily enough she wore similar lingerie to what you’re wearing here AND even the pearl choker. You should have seen her face and tits afterward, when the guys left our hotel room – filmed with their cum.

    Just the memory has me stiff, so I’m going to look at another of your clips and cum over Erin’s tits. It’s delightful to find a porn star we BOTH want to watch

  2. Colum Gordon says:

    I just saw the clip from which these stills were taken. Loved the bit where the stud picked you up and he fucked you with your legs wrapped round him.

    And your acting as the wife eager to please her husband was priceless. Keeping the glasses on also was a great touch.

    I am going to jerk myself off again to it right now

  3. Colum Gordon says:

    Btw, loved the spread shot above.

    My wife, now past 50, can still pull off the same look. She even shaved her cunt last weekend to nail the look. She also nailed a 25-year old stud I brought home for her – with our kids away for a few days we decided she’s got a week as a total whore. You should have seen his face when he walked into our living room and Erin was waiting in black lingerie and yup the pearls. He fucked her solid for three hours – the staying power of the young! I never thought she’d agree to being fucked in the ass again, but for him – no problem! She has the night off tonight (she sings in a local choral society: if only they knew!!), but tomorrow I’m going to take her to a club that’s been recommended to us. Objective: that ol’ black gangbang.

    Much as I love Erin and still obviously still physically adore her, I have to say she can’t match your tits, brandi. You are the Queen.

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